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Eagle School Management SoftwareNow Manage Your SchoolWithYour Finger.

Yes Really,,,,,
Manage your School, College, University, Institute, Academy, with one software which can run in your mobile also.

So why shouldn’t we get the benefit with it……?

A website comprises of content, images, mechanism and appeal. Apart from development aspect, an appealing design is also necessary for a successful website. With every passing time, the concept of website design is changing.
EAGLE School Management Software can help you to manage your Administration, Teachers, Students, Parents, and Non-teaching Staff from anywhere which has been made with new technology and user friendly interface. It support all kinds of operating system like dextop, Android, iOS, apple and many more.
So why shouldn’t we get the benefit with it……?

Obviously we can connect with…..


  • Teaching Staff
  • Non Teaching Staff
  • Students
  • Parents
  • Librarian
  • Clerk
  • Our all reputed concern’s community

Admin is sleeping but EAGLE is still working and watching to your reputed concern.

Woww someone is visiting on a gate and admin is observing in his own office….! Mind blowning……..! Mind blowning……..!.

Yes Really,,,,,
Manage your School, College, University, Institute, Academy, with one software which can run in your mobile also.

So why shouldn’t we get the benefit with it……?

EAGLE School Management Software has served thousands of schools around the world for running school, college, University, Institute, Academy more efficiently by digitizing and automating daily tasks and improving parental involvement through better parent-teacher communication

Everyone know that visibility, communication and sharing information are more important than ever. Our EAGLE integrated suite of school management solutions helps you to manage school staff and operations, connect your school with staff, students, families, alumni and everyone in your community.



  • 1) Dashboard for Admin “ On a Dashboard you can see All details of your reputed concern as like
  • _____________________________________________
  • 2) Students Panel“ You can all students in students panel and whenever you wanna communicate with students so admin can use this panel for that.
  • 3) Parents Panel “ Mind blowing, anytime you can connect with your parents and share the wards details with details to the parents
  • 4) Teachers Panel “ Oooff, No one teacher can make excuse for his/her responsibility.. every time you the watched will be on…..
  • 5) User Panel “ Everybodywanna know what’s going on in school. Each and every user can be tracked by this feachers….
  • 6) Academic panel “ all academic activity can be handle here…
  • 7) Attendence “ O wow,,, all School Attendence on a one place…..
  • 8) Exam “ Whole School Exam, Test, Terms can manage here….
  • 9) Marks “ Excellent…… Show the All sections classesmarks here
  • 10) Message “ Direct free and paid message for tracking whole school including parents
  • 11) Media “ Wow amazing feature….. Recorded lecture and school videos can be here
  • 12) Mail “ Mail direct mail facility is available here
  • 13) Online Exam “ Indoor/Outdoor Online exam can handle from here../…….
  • 14) Payroll “ Do you wanna pay online…? Use this feature
  • 15) Asset Management “ Total assets can manage here……



  • 16) Inventory “ Wowww… Complete inventory will be here…..
  • 17) Leave Application “ Whole School leave application will here
  • 18) Child
  • 19) Library “ library records can manage from here…….
  • 20) Transport “ Transportation Tension will be end……
  • 21) Hostel “ Complete Hostel can be manage from here
  • 22) Account “Manage a seamless and secure account at your school.
  • 23) Announcement “ Any announcement for the school……? Do from here
  • 24) Report
  • 25) Online Admission “ Create Your schoolsadmission form easily and start collecting admission enquiries within a minutes.
  • 26) Administrator
  • 27) Visitors Information
  • 28) Frontend
  • 29) Setting


At the planning stage, you’ll work with our Account Management teams to identify technology that fits your business needs.

Our team will craft a solution that will adapt to your business and scale as you continue to grow.

Once complete, the project team reviews and tests your project from the bottom up to ensure everything is covered.

Every project we complete ends with a support hand-off meeting. The project team informs our onsite and remote support teams of your project to ensure on-time support!



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